Hockey Refugees Round II: The Ottawa Exodus

Wondering where some of your favorite Sens are? Here’s a handy article and map showing which players have emigrated and where to. I’d also like to point out, at the risk of having my head shoved in a snow bank next time I’m in town, a positive outcome of the lockout: the opportunity to witness and study migration in the hockey world. A lot of academic research has been devoted to soccer and migration (through various disciplines such as economics and sociology), but comparatively little with regards to hockey. Comparatively, but the field isn’t completely devoid of scholarly research: a quick search lead to this article (which you unfortunately have to purchase to read) on the development of hockey by Canadian migrants, and this thesis, written and submitted by a Ph.D. student at Loughborough University.

Let’s hope the lockout ends soon, or that fan’s collective frustration leads to more research on sports, athletes and migration.


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